Best Resort in Tehri Garhwal with a Picturesque View

While planning a vacation, you can never miss out on a hill station like Tehri Garhwal, a hill state of Uttarakhand with numerous spiritual significance, so why miss out best resort in Tehri Garhwal like Matrichhaya Retreat, your home in paradise.

Matrichhaya retreat  -The Best Resort in Tehri Garhwal , Hotels Near tehri lake
Matrichhaya Retreat Resort – Tehri Lake Resort

Hotels Near Tehri Lake – Tehri Lake Resort

Tehri Garhwal is a one-stop destination for the nature lover who wishes to run from the hustle-bustle of humdrum life in a city and dream to explore what the world has to offer.

You can plan a luxurious outing to Tehri Garhwal and get an experience worth remembering without hurting your pocket. Matrichhaya Retreat, a resort set on the hilltop is one of the best resorts in Tehri Garhwal as it shows an exquisite mish-mash of the beautiful creation of Mother Nature with modernism.

Hotels near tehri lake | tehri Lake Resort
In the Lap of Himalayas

Let’s dive more into the offerings of Matrichhaya Retreat together.

Vacations at Matrichhaya Retreat- One of the best Resorts in Tehri Garhwal

A vacation calls for an escape for peace; Matrichhaya Retreat offers soundlessness of nature that impresses your mind and solace your soul. It is amidst the untouched valleys of Tehri equipped with all the modern amenities you can ask for.

Treat your senses with a tranquilizing view from Matrichhaya Retreat

Hidden between lush green hills and steep valleys, this resort is a haven surrounded by nature and its quintessence. The view from the wide windows of its luxurious rooms revitalizes you as a whole when you feel the calm breeze flowing around you touching your heart.

You can witness the majestic spectacle of the sun rising and setting behind the hills which makes it a beautiful memory of all times.

Delight your taste-buds with lip-smacking food @ Matrichhaya Retreat

A stay is delightful only when the food served is delightful. Relish your taste buds with mouth-watering food rich in flavors to satisfy your belly at any time.

Enjoy a luxurious stay with modern amenities

Super Deluxe Room at Matrichhaya Retreat - best place to stay in Tehri Garhwal
Super Deluxe Room At Matrichhaya Retreat

Matrichhaya Retreat, an offshore property in Tehri Garhwal offers a deluxe room and super-deluxe rooms to make your holiday extra special. You can enjoy all the modern amenities including well-furnished rooms, comfy double bed, adjoining cabinets, LED TV, hot & old water facility, tranquil view of a beautiful valley, spacious balcony, and a tea and coffee maker to ease your stay.


For an impeccable experience and worth remembering vacation, Matrichhaya Retreat in Tehri Garhwal is a place for you to stay. This resort offers a remarkable hospitability service that will leave you with an amazing smile on your face. Plan your next trips to Tehri Garhwal and get amazed by the people at this place, their rich values and culture, activities to do and a luxurious stay among the hills.

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